Bespoke Qualification

Learners who are time-bound and yet flexible with their schedule elect Bespoke Qualification’s facility that allows them to choose their own pace and preferences. However, there’s always a second thought about its accreditation and credibility, whether such tailor-made courses are widely accepted or not.

LHAIR makes your Bespoke Qualification more legit than ever! We encourage professionals to undertake Continuing Professional Development to match new industry standards and an-rising competency graph. No matter which industry you come from, the CPD Certificate is always expected to be appreciated by your audience.

More organizations than ever accept the CPD Certificate and show their alliance through the CPD Service membership. This accreditation can be accessible throughout a plethora of activities such as;

Workshops & Seminars

We believed in hands-on experience, and nothing delivers it better than live workshops and seminars moderated by experienced professionals. We move beyond textbooks and conduct sessions to give our students a first-hand field experience and what it’s like to go out there. This gives them an insight into the industry’s expectations and code of conduct in a much real sense.

Conferences & Events

Another winning learning trick is to source it from those who’ve been there and done that. Through our interactive conferences and lively presentations, we made learning fun and fruitful. Ask away your doubts and walk past your inhibitions as you break a conversation with industry experts and work towards building your network. Such events orchestrate how the learner is open to new ideas, perspectives, and approaches.

Online Learning

If you desire to be a part of LHAIR from seas across, then we’ve got just the platform for you. You can pick from the list of online programs and enrol yourself virtually to learn from the bests. The online course is in sync with the traditional classroom teaching modules, which ensures that you are moving along with your batchmates and none of the learning goes out of your grasp.

Training Courses

If you are driven to learn a certain skill or enhance your knowledge in a particular field, our training courses have got you covered head to toe. These courses are designed to magnify your focus on one subject and give you in-depth and comprehensive information pertaining to the same. LHAIR Management Certification and Education Program regularly offer training courses.
TQUK Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration

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